DAY 3 MFC18: 2nd August 2018 (THURSDAY)


DAY 3 MFC18: 2nd August 2018 (THURSDAY)


Forest Ecosystem Services: Food, Water, Energy, Climate and Recreation, PES, REDD+

Session Chair: Frederick Kugan

The aim for session of sub-theme 5 is to provide and sharing ideas and framework for sustainably managing all types of forests and trees, halting and reversing deforestation and forest degradation, with the aim in increasing the forest cover.

The ever charismatic Mr. Frederick Kugan as the session chair

Mr. Robert ” Forest restoration is costly to implement, but it is good to have the forest restore to its natural habitat”


Presentation of momento to all the speakers


 Job well done!



FOREST BEYOND TIMBER: Social Forestry, Ecotourism, Education program, Non timber forest products (NTFP)

Session chair: Dato’ Lim Kee Ling

Forest  ecosystem is indeed one complex and naturally organised system which offers more than just timber.Its biological richness produces various of NTFP, besides other recreational, educational, social and other functional ground for our living.


Speakers respectively shared their experiences in project implementation of various subjects


Question and answer session

Something to ponder by Datuk Sam “REDD is a lot of rubbish but I don’t want to dampen the spirit of my staff, but show me the money, smell the money, the real money. You give me the money to restore forest and 50% profit gain from it”.



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